AIR: Music for Multiple Shakuhachi

January 20, 2006AIRAdmission: $12 or free for Location One membersAIR: Music for Multiple ShakuhachiRalph SamuelsonElizabeth BrownNed RothenbergShoji MizumotoMusic by Henry Cowell, Ned Rothenberg (premiere), Frances White, and Elizabeth Brown (premiere), plus traditional shakuhachi music, including Shika no Tone and Chidori .Believing you could find the world in a single tone, the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism chose the blowing of the shakuhachi as their chief spiritual practice. In their Honkyoku, or original music, phrases are the length and shape of a breath, and the sound of the breath is a central, defining element.The shakuhachi is a traditional Japanese bamboo flute whose haunting, vocal sound is capable of infinite nuance. In this program, both traditional Honkyoku and newer pieces will be performed by one, two, three or four players, positioned around the room. Sound will travel over and through the audience from different directions, meeting and mixing in the air over their heads.