Born in Portugal in 1966, she studied at AR.CO in Lisbon, and has been based in New York since 2000, having completed the Master of Fine Arts Degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Alexandra’s work uses drawing to explore the manifold relations between artist and audience, the public and the private. She not only explores drawing in its essential form of marks on paper, but also through the expanded frame of video, photography and performance. She is the recipient of a full fellowship for foreign study by the Calouste Gulbenkian and Luso-American Foundations, exhibits in Lisbon with Modulo Gallery, and has work on file at The Drawing Center, Artists Space, and Pierogi Gallery in New York.

Her work has investigated the context of the artist in society; problematizing the artist/audience relationship through her video projection performance, Micron 005, in which self selected audience members and the artist simultaneously draw on the lenses of different video cameras aimed at themselves, with the captured images being projected side by side onto an adjacent wall—the relationships of actor and spectator go through a kind of conceptual feedback loop, an open ended koan of control.

Alexandra’s residency at Location One is supported by Luso-American Development Foundation and Instituto das Artes (Lisbon).

Artist Interview with Robert Knafo, independent curator.