Andre Goncalves, Pong - The Analog Arcade Machine 2008
Andre Goncalves, Pong – The Analog Arcade Machine 2008

Born 1979, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal. Since 1998 André have been working in several artistic fields such as painting, music, video, installation and performance. In 2002 he found his attention leaning towards ‘do it yourself’ electronics, and started experimenting with sensor interfaces, soldering, and programming. Recently he has been collecting and recycling found electronic hardware, and hacking it with the goal to create analog devices that act like robots. They in turn have specific functions like printing, drawing, create tv graphics, create sound, etc…

He aqcuired his University Degree in Visual Design by IADE, Lisbon in 2001. Since then he has presented, performed, published and executed a wide variety of works  such as: 2006, Barcelona, Lisbon, Oporto, Tokyo 2006. Soundtrack for the short film “Fall”, by Ivo Serra 2006. ‘Coding For Automation” – selected pages for the Musa Book,  2006. “Sound Studies” presented in the exhibition Abstract Visual Music for the New York Digital Salon, School of Media Arts MFA, New York 2006. “Resonant Objects” installation at FILE 2006, Electronic Language  International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2006. “Resonant Objects” installation at “Luzboa 2006”, Lisbon’s Light Bienal,  Lisbon, Portugal

Andre’s residency at Location One is supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation and Luso American Foundation for Development.