Friday, January 24 2003 8 PM
Tickets: $15, Members Free

Choreographed by Katja Rotzoll
Arranged by Irina Kornejewa
Technical Assistance by Thomas Berndt

Note: Space is limited and the performance will begin promptly at 8 PM at Location One’s gallery at 26 Greene Street. Audience members are advised to arrive early to assure admission. Doors will open at 7:30 PM for ticket purchase or for member sign-in.

The Audio Ballerinas will perform two pieces; PEEPERS (8 minutes): Audio Ballerinas with photo-resistor sensors and group choreography with spotlights on tripods, and YAMAHA LADIES (15 minutes): Audio Ballerinas with exposed Yamaha keyboards and mercury sensors. Their movements trigger the various sounds and melodies of the dismembered keyboard. These pieces have been choreographed by Katja Rotzoll and arranged by Irina Kornejewa. There will also be a special solo performance, AUDIO HAT, choreographed and performed by Irina Kornejewa. Kornejewa has worked with a group of New York dancers to create these performances, which have been facilitated with the technical assistance of Thomas Berndt and Location One.

BenoƮt Maubrey and his Berlin-based Audio Gruppe build electro-acoustic clothing and suits. These are clothes equipped with loudspeakers, amplifiers, and 257 K samplers that enable them to react directly with their environment by recording live sounds, voices, or instruments in their proximity, and amplifying them as a mobile and multi-acoustic performance. They also wear radio receivers, contact microphones, light sensors and electronic looping devices in order to produce, mix, and multiply their own sounds and compose these as an environmental concert. The performers use rechargeable batteries and/or solar cells, which ensures them complete mobility both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of the Rockefeller Family Foundation, Location One has conducted over the past year a continuing investigation into the possibilities of collaborative Internet-based interactivity, combining real-time drama or physical movement with electronic audio and visual production. This performance is the latest experiment in this investigation.