Location One presents a Schmucks Theatre production


by Lucia Cox
directed by Nathan Shreeve

Produced in arrangement with House of Orphans

US Premiere
Performances begin April 16

“You know, I was born an egg, a little hard brown egg. But I cracked into a river and my insides came out and I was just about drowned and would have fallen to pieces by now were it not for him, plucking me out, saving me, I guess.”

Alone in a room of scattered pomegranates and stained walls, the ‘Blackbird’ shares the secrets of her past and the disturbing reason she’s in love with the man upstairs.

‘I suspect we will be seeing more of Cox after this impressive debut.’ British Theatre Guide

Produced for Schmucks Theatre by Justine de Penning
Set Design: Nick Benacerraf, Costume Design: Alice Tavener, Light and Sound
Design: Colin Chauche