Clay Shirky, Creative Advisor + Technology Consultant

Clay Shirky has never been able to make up his mind. He has worked in NYC for 15 years as, variously, a director of his own theater company (Hard Place Theater); a lighting designer for numerous theater and dance companies, including the Wooster Group, Dana Reitz, and Elevator Repair Service a writer of books and essays about the internet; the CTO of a Web startup; a Professor of New Media at Hunter College and now NYU; and a tech strategist for an investment group. He is pleased that Location One does not seem to mind his flighty qualities.
Links to essays by Clay Shirky:

Peer-to-peer technologies and the user as media outlet:
Napster and “Content at the Edges” :: Napster is turning the internet inside out.
Napster and “User as Media Outlet” :: Napster turns the user from a media consumer into a media provider.

The internet’s challenge to mass media:
RIP, the Consumer, 1900-1999 :: Mass media is a historical anomoly
How Television Ratings Portend the Death of Mass Media :: Television is becoming more like the Web.
Web Traffic and TV Ratings :: Big web sites are now as widely seen as any TV series.
The Internet and Hit-driven Industries :: Why Hollywood is really going to hate the Web.

The mass adoption of the Web considered as an argument for amateur participation in media outlets:
View Source… Lessons from the Web’s Rapid Development :: The Web considered as a massive Open Source project