Creative Intelligence :: New Work from the MIT Visual Arts Program

Cummer Nacco

Creative Intelligence :: New Work from the MIT Visual Arts Program

May 20 – 27, 2004
Opening Reception May 20 6-8 PM
Location One has an ongoing informal working relationship with artists from the faculty and student body at MIT. Because of this rewarding association, we occasionally exhibit interesting work on a short-term basis in our galleries or online. On May 20, 2004 students from the MIT Visual Arts Program will open an exhibition entitled, “Creative Intelligence”. Featuring work by Lukas Lysakowski, Hiroharu Mori, Carrie Bodle, Ross Cisneros and Clementine Cummer

Artists bios:

Lukasz Lysakowski
a native of Poland, is an artist exploring the contemporary relationships between man – machine and nature – culture. Lysakowski is one of the members of the video improvisation trio 242.pilits (with Kurt Ralske and HC Gilje).

Hiroharu Mori
originally from Tokyo, focuses in on issues of cultural marginality. Repetition and absurdity are elements that Mori manipulates in order to engage in the territorial boundaries of isolation, perception, announcement, and interrogation. Mori utilizes prosthetic devices, audio augmentation and visual manipulation.

Carrie Bodle
a Columbus, Ohio native, Bodle investigates a site history of MIT’s Building N52 through a sound installation that responds to the notion of oscillatory patterns.

Ross Cisneros
continues to respond to rapidly developing technologies and the challenging ideologies of techno0trnascendentalism, transhumanism, and extropian belief systems within the present technocracy. Cisneros explores the consistent positioning of the technologist as healer, prophet, myth maker and transcendental magician through sculptural, cinematic, and perfomative hallucinations.

Clementine Cummer
is interested in how our moving bodies are evocative objects ­ evocative of the experience of being human in all of its strange beauty and pain. Cummer works with the interplay between the moving body, the moving camera, and the moving picture.