Demotic – Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen

July 29-31, 2004

“Demotic” by Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen
a performance work about American Memory, a single character whose many voices are woven together into a complex texture of language, sound, and music to create a kind of covert national anthem.

“Demotic …of or pertaining to the current ordinary everyday form of a language; of or pertaining to the common people.”

All performances at 10pm EST (7pm PST)
Thursday, July 29
Friday, July 30
Saturday, July 31

How do we best portray the multiplicity underlying the American experience? In “Demotic,” artists Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen harness the Internet and the stage to create a performance work exploring American Memory. Made possible through the Beall Center’s high speed connectivity, the performance features a single live actor who draws on an ensemble of sound artists, dispersed performers, avatars, and the everyday experience of online citizens. From this tour-de-force improvisation emerges both a complex texture of language, sound, and music and a contemporary national anthem.

Live performances will take place at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine, CA.

Admission is free but seating is limited. Reservations are suggested (949) 824-4339

All performances of “Demotic” will be webcast live via RealAudio at this address

Co creators: Antoinette LaFarge + Robert Allen
Stage Director: Robert Allen
Online Director: Antoinette LaFarge
Sound Artists: Maria de los Angeles Esteves and Jeff Ridenour
Theater Actor: Tracey Leigh
Online Performers: Marlena Corcoran, Ursula Endlicher, Richard Foerstl, Lise Patt, Richard Smoley, Heather Wagner