dominik lejman: vital statistics

In his work, Dominik explores time-based painting in relation to his practice of using video projection layers that are optically merged with the physical painted image. Considered as paintings, all of his projection work paradoxically requires bright, lit space. As such, the gallery or the public space becomes the negative of the cinematic experience.

More recently, Dominik has used video documentary footage and statistical data to create his “crowd mural” projections as a way of presenting an ornament of social accumulation and crowd tension. During his stay at Location One, he will continue to explore the aesthetics of crowd ornament and the idea of “individual portable territory” in relation to the notion of collective fear and insecurity.

Dominik Lejman has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw, the Moderna
Museet in Stockholm, and the Hamburger Banhoff in Berlin.