Location One Frequently Asked Questions

What is Location One?

Art. Music, Performance. Talk. Technology.
We are a not-for-profit art center devoted to convergence between visual, performing and digital arts in a time of rapidly changing technology. We serve as a catalyst. Our goals are new ideas, new work, new forms of expression, new capabilities in our artists and new awareness in all those we reach.

How much does it cost?

Most of our events are FREE.

What are your programs?

Exhibition, Music, Performance, Discussion – all generated by a 3-tier international residency program composed each year of a Senior Artist, International Fellows and an emerging artist program.

Who qualifies as a “Senior Artist”?

An artist at the top of his or her game who is greatly admired. This position is an honor for Location One and it’s community and our staff works with our senior artist to help create some new work that they might not have created in the normal course of their busy careers. In 2006 – 2007 we had the honor of having Martha Rosler; in 2007 – 2008 we have been working with Laurie Anderson; in 2008 -2009 we will welcome Joan Jonas.

Who are the International Fellows?

This program is by-invitation only. Established artists are selected and sponsored by our International Committee. They are offered fellowships of up to 10 months and encouraged to create new work that they might not otherwise have undertaken without the assistance of our gifted staff. Most of our major exhibitions will be created by these artists.

What is the emerging artists’ Residency Program?

Ten to twenty artists per year from around the world come to spend five or ten months in our studios, experimenting and creating new work. more info >>

How do I apply to the International Residency Program?

There is no application because artists are proposed by curators, critics and our own staff. We do this because we do not have enough staff to review all of the artists’ portfolios we would receive if we had an open call.

Who qualifies for the emerging artists’ program and how are they chosen?

Candidates must be working artists with at least three years of practice and some exhibition history. Students are not eligible. Artists from abroad are selected through a double panel review process: A home-country sponsoring institution proposes a short list of candidates, from which Location One chooses one artist-in-residence. American artists are proposed by curators, critics, and by our own staff.

What is the Exhibition Program?

Our central contribution to the artistic community and the public-at-large. All work shown in our exhibitions will be created at Location One or in collaboration with our curators. Each season, we have five exhibitions, usually drawn from our group of International Fellows – often including work one by our senior artist-in-residence. Throughout the year work by emerging artists is presented in the Project Room or Performance Space. more info >>

How do I propose an exhibition?

All work in our exhibitions has been created at Location One, by our residents, or in conjunction with our curators. Unsolicited proposals are not accepted.

What is the Music/Performance program?

We believe in interdisciplinary work. At Location One, you will find the collaboration of musicians, visual artists and technologists. We call this convergence and often host innovative new performances. We also host Roulette in our performance space, so almost any night of the week, some of the most innovative musicians will be playing at 20 Greene.

What is the Discussion Series?

Symposia, panels, lectures or workshops by artists, performers, critics, technology experts and thinkers from different fields that explore questions of central importance to contemporary society and art, including politics, religion, ethics, the environment and the role and interaction of information and technology. more info >>

How can I help support Location One?

Become a member, donate through Paypal, or volunteer your time as an intern.

What benefits are there to being a member?

Invitations to members-only artists’ presentations; discounts and reserved seating to all performances and events (e.g. Roulette concerts); a subscription to our calendar of programs, exhibitions and events; and a listing on our website. At higher levels, membership includes special gifts, catalogs, DVDs, invitations to private receptions, dinners and events, and the opportunity to hold a private event in our gallery.

How can I become a member?

Go to our membership page or come to one of our events and sign up.

Can I rent the space for my party/event?

The space at 20 Greene is sometimes available for rental. Please e-mail info@20greene.com.

How is Location One funded?

Location One is funded by grants from the government and foundations, and donations from our Board of Trustees and individuals like you. List of our supporters >>

What is the history of Location One?

We were founded in 1997 by Claire Montgomery. In 2000, we moved into our permanent location at 26 Greene St, and launched our visual arts, music and dance programs the next year. In 2001, our International Residency Program followed and in 2002-03, we initiated our discussion and workshop program. Since then we have been growing all of our programs and upgrading our space to allow us to present the most current technologies.

Where are you located?

26 Greene Street, between Grand and Canal Streets, in Soho, New York City, The Big Apple, Gotham, the City that Never Sleeps, Baghdad on the Hudson, here’s a map >>