Hsiao Sheng Chien is Location One’s second recipient of the Yageo Tech-Art Award of the Asian Cultural Council. He is also the recipient of the Taipei Art Museum Award, and the Kaohsiun Art Museum Award.

In 2001, Hsiao Sheng Chien received his Masters degree in art from Taiwan National College of Arts. Over the past few years, Hsiao Sheng Chien has been developing interactive environments involving the active participation of viewers. “Thanks to science and new inventions in technology, I have chosen mechanics and video-recording devices as tools to reflect e-society, plus such mediums as feeling, listening, smelling and virtual pictures to produce interaction between viewers and my works. This enables viewers to break through purely static visual limitation and further experience what the artist intends to express in his works in an all round way. Personal participation can better stimulate the imagination of viewers.”

Hsiao Sheng-Chien’s residency at Location One is supported by the Yageo Tech-Art Award of the Asian Cultural Council.