*IMHO* with Nina Sobell

February 8, 2006

a monthly conversation with an artist who is using (or misusing) technology in an interesting way. This month: Nina Sobell.

Nina Sobell is a pioneer video artist whose improvisational time-based sound and image Web performances are embedded with her drawing, sculpture and video background. She is inspired by the collaborative process that evolves from crossing the lines of music, art and technology, and opening up these channels interactively to the public, initially through interactive video installations, and more recently on the Web. Sobell is primarily interested in non-narrative work that leaves open the possibility for multiple interpretations. Her collaborations and installations as a core member of ParkBench stem from her efforts to demystify technology by assisting in the implementation of ParkBench Public Access Web kiosks run by inner city youth. Sobell envisions ParkBench as a way to promote multicultural, transmedia dialogue and as a safe place to congregate in cyberspace. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the NEA and NYSCA for her pioneering video performance art. She received a BFA sculpture and printmaking from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and an MFA in sculpture from Cornell University. Her sculptures, installations, and video art have been shown throughout the World.