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SoYoun Jeong – Art Almighty

Amos Eno Gallery Opening Reception: Nov. 1, 2007, 6:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM Oct. 30 ~ Nov. 24, 2007 SoYoun Jeong was born in Seoul, Korea. Since 2004, Jeong has been working and living in New York. She is an artist working with mixed media. She has been working on video art, installation art, prints, […]


We exhibit artists’ work in our main gallery eleven months a year, and often in our two other public spaces as well. All of the work we exhibit is developed at Location One, much of it by artists in our residency program. While Location One seeks to nurture a critical awareness of the implications of […]

Cliff Evans – The Road To Mount Weather

This three-channel moving image installation (15 minute loop) is a personal artifice assembled from ideas and images found across the socio-environment of the Internet. Its form is reminiscent of historic epics as represented in cinema and in grand panoramic paintings, while also mimicking the ubiquitous technology used for website banner advertisements.