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16 May 2007: Richard Minsky, SLART(TM) : Art in Second Life

In Second Life there is a virtual art world where Artists, dealers, curators, collectors and critics are represented by “avatars,” animated characters which can look like anything from realistic humans or animals to cartoons or geometrical objects. At any given time 25-35,000 people are simultaneously occupying this Metaverse. There are over 500 art galleries, and the range of art varies from shopping mall kitsch to huge animated sculptural installations that defy the laws of terrestrial physics. In this world you ARE art.

Antoinette LaFarge on “Demotic”

Artist-writer Antoinette LaFarge will talk about DEMOTIC, a performance work presented at the Baltimore Theater Project on Nov 2-5. Demotic was conceived by LaFarge, directed by Robert Allen and features sound artists Maria de los Angeles Esteves and Jeff Ridenour and actor Tracey A. Leigh.

Demotic – Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen

A performance work about American Memory, a single character whose many voices are woven together into a complex texture of language, sound, and music to create a kind of covert national anthem.

Virtual Live

The Roman Forum II is a neo-Vaudevillean performance work that focuses on the aftermath of the 2000 elections seen through the eyes of five Romans from the time of the emperor Nero.