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Who Found the Nucleus

Essay Thesis Statement Cases What Is the Purpose of English is definitely the way of global intercommunication, and plenty of people speak the language regularly for a number of purposes . One of the serious threats that a number of learners, teachers , writers , working people and dealers meet is the necessity to […]

Vs. Paper Books The Professionals and Negatives

Maids have been a part of residence supervision, notably for that wealthy, however for these folks who might never think about affording butler, a cook or chauffeur, maid service continues to be a frequently required and attractive alternative for the modern homemaker. With all the demands of job and child -rearing, many 2- households and […]

What requirements does an adjunct instructor require

Composing this kind of article under no circumstances signifies that you just must think of an authoritative record that’s the last term about it. Authorship a crucial essay may turn into an demanding and period-consuming endeavor. By abiding By these 3 actions you can readily generate an excellent large quality essay, and in the procedure […]

Conrad Shawcross: Control

New work by Location One's first International Fellow, British sculptor Conrad Shawcross.

Virtual Residency Program 2.0

Virtual Residency Program    blog >> Call for Submissions Application Deadline: midnight, April 15, 2009 Dates of Residency: May 15-August 15, 2009 Theme: “Levels of Undo” Invitation to Participate Call for submissions for Location One’s “Virtual Residency Project 2.0″. Please send your URL or submit electronic materials to Location One presents its second Virtual […]

Rudy Shepherd (USA)

Rudy Shepherd (USA) – Black Rock in Winter Rudy Shepherd’s latest work explores the nature of evil through the mediums of painting and sculpture.  This exploration involves investigations into the lives of criminals and victims of crime.  He explores the complexity of these stories and the grey areas between innocence and guilt in a series […]

Location One Virtual Residency Project

Location One Virtual Residency Project Mission Accomplished, September 10, 2008 The Virtual Residency Project’s first exhibition will open on September 10, with 3 collaborative works by Susanne Berkenheger, Andy Deck, and Hidenori Watanave. What started as an odd experiment in artist residencies results in our first Virtual Residency Project exhibition. more >> Thank you to […]

Location One Virtual Residency Project

Call for Participation
Submissions Deadline: May 1, 2008
Dates of Residency: June 1-November 4, 2008

Eric Van Hove – Tokyo station

OFF THE RECORD Concept:Off the record is a punctual underground underway art show that takes place at various venues and subway stations in Tokyo. It hijacks the recently installed X-CUBE© locker system. X-CUBE© lockers allow multiple users to exchange packages by using a touch screen and their cell phone numbers as digital-keys. Proposed by Belgian […]

Hung Nguyen Manh (Vietnam)

Hung Nguyen Manh is an artist, a self-taught composer and an active participant in the “alternative” art scene in Hanoi. As an artist whose practice is driven by interdisciplinarity, his work investigates current symbology as opposed to a Vietnamese/Oriental aesthetic that reaches into the past for visual vocabulary.Mr. Nguyen’s residency at Location One is supported by the Asian Cultural Council.


LOCATION ONE IN THE PRESS Press inquiries contact Steve Cukierski +1 212-334-3347 : “Location One, a singularly engaging, idealistic and enchanting SoHo space any art lover must experience, no matter the exhibition”–Anne Swartz, NY ARTS, January/February 2006 on Douglas Repetto’s Slowscan Soundwave (III) CURRENT EXHIBITION:   PREVIOUS EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS: Davide Balliano: Giving My Back […]

Virtual Literature by Joe Milutis

JOE MILUTISVirtual Literature 57In 1957, Marguerite Duras gave a definition for virtual literature that seems to me the best. At the time, “virtual literature” could not have had anything to do with data gloves, caves, and hyperlinks, yet her description was unwittingly prescient and futuristic. I’ll talk about the history of this particular kind of virtual literature, from the data of the damned (Charles Fort) to the dynamically damned world of spam and its discontents. Included will be stop-overs in the netherzone between metafiction and metadata.

dorkbot NYC – December 2005

The nine million and twenty second dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Thursday, December 8th at 7pm. It featured the lovely and talented: Newton Armstrong, Eyebeam OpenLab, Zach Layton.

“Crisis of Trust in the Media Landscape” with Drazen Pantic

Open Source and blogs have proved to be successful as the second degree of scrutiny in the ecosystem of news. Will Videobloggers be able to do more: depart from the existing mainstream infotainment matrix and create new formats and new discourse.

"Crisis of Trust in the Media Landscape" with Drazen Pantic

Open Source and blogs have proved to be successful as the second degree of scrutiny in the ecosystem of news. Will Videobloggers be able to do more: depart from the existing mainstream infotainment matrix and create new formats and new discourse.

The Waiting Room

Spend election night at Location One with NY video bloggers, artists and network interventionists. P2P networks and exchange, blogs and collective filtering of network TV will create our own “citizens’ coverage” of the election drama.