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Project Description: In the four-month residency and online project go_HOME, Bosnian artist Danica Daki and Croatian artist Sandra Sterle will explore physical, cultural, and psychological dislocation and strategies for rebuilding and renewal.

Elliott Sharp

Elliott Sharp (composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer) leads the groups Orchestra Carbon, Tectonics, and Terraplane. He has composed algorithmic music for over twenty-five years and has also been active as an improviser. His compositions have been performed by the Symphony of the Hessischer Rundfunk, the Ensemble Modern, Continuum, the Orchestra of the SEM ensemble, Kronos Quartet, Zeitkratzer, the Soldier […]


Based on biological models of growth and reproduction, the 12-piece ensemble of winds, brass, samplers, and percussion plus real-time computer processing, uses sets of simple instructions to manipulate a variety of composed cores, creating structures in a mode analogous to that of organisms such as “radiolaria,” a kind of aquatic, single-celled protozoa.