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We exhibit artists’ work in our main gallery eleven months a year, and often in our two other public spaces as well. All of the work we exhibit is developed at Location One, much of it by artists in our residency program. While Location One seeks to nurture a critical awareness of the implications of […]

Jeanette Doyle – StarLine Tours

April 13-May 25, 2007

Location One presented the opening of the installation StarLine Tours by resident artist Jeanette Doyle, (Ireland) on April 12th from 6 to 8 pm. The installation consists of video, audio (approximately 1h40mins.) and digital prints on watercolor paper, and was on view in the Project Gallery through Friday May 25th.

Lukasz Skapski: Recent Video Works and Photographs

Skapski’s recent photographic and video work concerns cultural and political issues common to many national groups: the emotional ambivalence of women and nursing mothers, people’s views of the environment in which they live, the legacy of Communist practices in farming communities, as well as the practice and tradition of film itself. In all his work, the artist demonstrates an uncanny ability for capturing people’s circumstances on film and video.

Victoria Vesna – Nano Mandala

To salute World Peace in this Holiday Season, Location One presents an installation by media artist Victoria Vesna, in collaboration with nanoscience pioneer James Gimzewski.

Casual Friday

Casual Friday is the first essay in a broader body of work by Vesna Pavlovic consists of several layers, only one of which will be photographic. Audio interviews, drawings and writings will constitute the other layers.