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Who Found the Nucleus

Essay Thesis Statement Cases What Is the Purpose of English is definitely the way of global intercommunication, and plenty of people speak the language regularly for a number of purposes . One of the serious threats that a number of learners, teachers , writers , working people and dealers meet is the necessity to […]

How-to Create A Questionnaire for Research

Revise Article Just how to Negotiate Whether it is scoring more frequent flier kilometers, arguing your cellular phone bill, buying a property or paying off your credit-card, negotiation’s essential rules are the same. Keep in mind when discussing, that possibly one of the most competent and seasoned negotiators will experience discomfort. The distinction that is […]

Vs. Paper Books The Professionals and Negatives

Maids have been a part of residence supervision, notably for that wealthy, however for these folks who might never think about affording butler, a cook or chauffeur, maid service continues to be a frequently required and attractive alternative for the modern homemaker. With all the demands of job and child -rearing, many 2- households and […]

Howto Enroll Zorpia

You’ll find some easy guidelines for creating effective fundamental and compoundsentences. That can give a guidance to your own study and writing. Writing a decision must also follow critical and effective guidelines to block you from creating it badly. Here are a number of beneficial tips that can help you further if you’re simply beginning […]

What qualifications does an adjunct instructor need

Mission is born from values. Prices are deeply held values by what is correct and good plus they are deep seated and remain constant over time. We acquire our values from youth centered on teachings and findings of our parents religious leaders, as well as other important people. Living is much more rewarding whenever we […]

Tips about How-To Remain Arranged in the Workplace

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Types of Literature

The investigation proposal An investigation proposal is actually a piece of work that, ultimately, might influence historians that your undertaking has the following three merits development rigour; and prosperous substantive content. Of course your first version of the study proposition is produced at at a really early-stage within your career, and you may properly have […]

What requirements does an adjunct instructor require

Composing this kind of article under no circumstances signifies that you just must think of an authoritative record that’s the last term about it. Authorship a crucial essay may turn into an demanding and period-consuming endeavor. By abiding By these 3 actions you can readily generate an excellent large quality essay, and in the procedure […]

Recruiting, A Positive Or Possibly A Bad

Before beginning writing your article there are several issues you should do, you must budget your time well, you cannot wait for the previous moment to begin working on this. I’m not sure by the conclusion of the essay, regardless, where you truly remain on the inquest of the importance of profit thought of the […]

How To Become A Fearless Leader

Take Advantage Of the identical principles and syntax which you’d if you were writing a web – based article. The writing requests you’re locate below were in the likeness of queries. I’ve added visual illustrations therefore you may easily don’t your investment format, layout and specs of the proper Abstract site. Don’t wait to use […]


Location One Suspends Operation It is time to close Location One. We have had 15 glorious years, and we are extremely proud that we were able to offer this oasis to artists in which to dream and experiment. Our own lives and those of the community were enriched by all the thoughtful questioning and collaboration […]

Neuroscience and the Arts Today: Shared Interfaces

A PAJ panel discussion exploring the arts and concerns of body, mind, and consciousness that they share with neuroscience.


A group show presenting different perceptions of time and space. Featuring work by Ana Freitas, Michaela Müller, Tommy Støckel, Andrea Yugoslavia Chirinos.
Curated by Claudia Calirman

One and Many

A group show featuring work by Monica Baptista, Hiraku Suzuki, Agnieszka Kurant, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, David Molander, and Atsushi Kaga. These artists engage a variety of mediums, from digital film and photography to the traditional art of sewing, transforming one piece into many as they channel possible meta-narratives in their work.

Mitra Abbaspour

Jovana Stokic in conversation with Mitra Abbaspour, Associate Curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art.

Afghan Hound

Solo Exhibition and Live Performance by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen Curated by Jovana Stokic October 29 – December 23, 2011 Opening Reception: October 29, 6-8pm Live Performance at 7pm A girl raised as a boy. A boy trained to act as a girl. A writer and activist in exile. Anauthoritative male. These are the four characters […]

Performance Program

Location One Performance Program Public Workshop Fall/Winter 2011 Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 6:30 pm Conversation with Sandra Skurvida and resident artists We invite you to join us: Monthly workshops, presided over by Jovana Stokic, Location One’s curator of Performance Art, invite guest artists, critics and curators to work with the community of artists-in-residence at […]

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen (Denmark) Danish Arts Agency Born in Copenhagen, 1975. Lives and works in London. Jacob Dahl Jürgensen is an artist based in London. He works with several mediums—including sculpture, video, collage and printmaking—and often combines these in overall installations. It is, however, ideas that drive the work forward. Jürgensen is interested in how […]

Sounds Good

Featuring visual responses to a collaborative sound piece by artists John Aslanidis, Katy Dove, Phoebe Hui, Sophie Hunter, Miler Lagos, John O’Connell, Gonzalo Puch, and Zane Saunders.

Color Me Clear

Elana Katz is an American artist currently based in New York and Berlin. Formally a classical dancer, she now continues to work with the body, yet from a varied perspective, primarily in the medium of performance art.

newARTtheatre 2

A discussion of participatory theatre, the politics of theatre in the visual arts, theatre as process, community, virtuosity, the performance text, and the role of the body. The discussion, the second in a series moderated by Paul David Young, will be published in the special one hundredth issue of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art in February 2012.

Dwelling in Perennial Dreams

Dwelling in Perennial Dreams is an interactive installation. This work invites the audience to imagine caring for orphaned babies in Thailand. Several cradles, each holding two TV monitors placed screen side up, play videos of the upper and lower part of a baby sleeping.

In the Making

“In the Making,” featuring new individual installations by Karolina Kowalska, Lovisa Ringborg, Yasuko Toyoshima, and Joana Villaverde.


Artists 2011-2012 Pablo Helguera (Mexico) Location One International Committee Born in Mexico City, 1971. Lives and works in New York Pablo Helguera (based in New York, born in Mexico City, 1971) works in the fields of pedagogy, literature, musical composition, and theater. His projects have included performance lectures, scripted symposia, and panel discussions (with or […]

Vires: a New Performance by Maria José Arjona

VIRES is a cycle of six performances analyzing and addressing diverse systems of power but most of all, addressing CHOICE as the most relevant exercise of freedom.

Abramovic Studio: Nico Vascellari

Jovana Stokic talks with Nico Vascellari February 4, 2010 Nico Vascellari was born in 1976 in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Working with different media including performance, sculpture, video, sound and collage, Vascellari’s work is often inspired by his activism in the underground subcultures. In the past few year he also collaborated with musicians such as Z’EV, […]

Yes, But…

An exhibition of keynote works by Vik Muniz and new works from Alexandra Mota de Aguiar, Mattias Ericsson, Wojtek Doroszuk, and Zhou Tao

Richard Bell: I Am Not Sorry

First solo exhibition by Australian indigenous artist Richard Bell.


Location One has a rich program consisting of Exhibitions, Performance (highlighted by the Abramović Studio), and Discourse, chiefly generated by our International Residency Program.   EXHIBITION PROGRAM Each year five major exhibitions are presented in the main gallery by mid-career or well-established artists. With the assistance of Location One staff, they are attempting to expand […]

The Influence of Fish Tails on The Breaking Waves

Curated by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli Opening: Friday the 12th of December from 6 to 9 pm POINT B Special projects, 71 North 7th St, Brooklyn The Influence of Fish Tales on the Breaking Waves derives its name from Jules Verne’s novel entitled “The Green Ray” (1882), in which  the author describes  the disenchantment of the […]

Jane Philbrick PULL

This is PULL, Jane Philbrick’s large-scale installation at Location One, which comprises 502 fire alarms, strobes, smoke, detectors, siren horns, control panels — and one customized vintage fire pull station. PULL is about security and fear and power and technology. It is beautiful while disturbing.

Conrad Shawcross

Andrea Galvani (Italy)

Nicolas Grospierre (Poland)

Nicolas Grospierre was born in 1975 and raised in France, and has been living in Poland since 1999. He studied Political Science and Sociology in Paris and London before turning to photography. His work as a photographer has been focused on the one hand on documentary projects, and on the other hand on more conceptual […]

Heta Kuchka (Finland)

Heta Kuchka – What if…, 2006 (video still) Heta Kuchka, (born -74) is a Finnish-American visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Kuchka graduated from the Time and Space department in the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki in 2001. Her media is large scale color photography, video and installation. Kuchka was the  Finnish Young Artist of […]

Rashaad Newsome: Compositions

Photographs and video exhibition by American artist-in-residence exploring his fascination with the gestural language of African-American women and "Vogue" dancing. Through July 26, 2008.

Miguel Palma – Gallery Satori

UPCOMING EXHIBITION   Gallery Satori is pleased to present our first inaugural exhibition, UNREAL CITY curated by Mariko Tanaka. UNREAL CITY focuses on artists’ portrayals of the urban metropolis with works by international artists active in North America, Europe, and Asia. With U.N. forecasts that half of the world’s population will live in “mega cities,” […]

2×2: New Randy & Bob Holman w/ Vito Ricci

2×2 brings together two poet/musician duos in a night of New Poetry, Old School styleNew Randy is poet Holly Anderson and musician Lisa B. Burns. Bob Holman, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club, collaborates with musician Vito Ricci.

2×2: New Randy & Bob Holman w/ Vito Ricci

2×2 brings together two poet/musician duos in a night of New Poetry, Old School styleNew Randy is poet Holly Anderson and musician Lisa B. Burns. Bob Holman, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club, collaborates with musician Vito Ricci.

Eric Van Hove – Museum De Paviljoens

Exhibition runs for six month: April 12th until October 19th 2008 Opening: April 12th, from 17.00 – 19.00 Artists: Richard Wentworth, Marjolijn Dijkman, Savage, Eric Van Hove, Melle Smets, Maurits Hertzberger, Frank Koolen, Sara Kolster, Derek Holzer, Marc Boon, Kristin Posehn, SoundTransit, Maarten Vanden Eynde and Julie Peeters. “The spatial behaviours that underpin present […]

Snake Alley @ Taipei Cultural Center

Snake Alley @ Taipei Cultural Center on March 19, 6-8pm Location: 1 East 42nd Street NYC 10017 (close to 5th Ave.) Snake Alley is part of Asian Contemporary Art Week which connects leading New York City galleries and museums in a citywide event comprising of public programs such as exhibitions, receptions, lectures and performances. The […]

Jani Ruscica – DIVA Art Fair

29 February, 2008 Jani Ruscica: ”Batbox / Beatbox” Batbox / Beatbox by Jani Ruscica is a work consisting of two experimental short films. Batbox / Beatbox reveals the limitations of human sight both in nature and in a cultural context. This work parallels two very opposed environments: nature depicted through bats’ nightly echolocation and the […]


Location One is pleased to present three important films by Australian video pioneer Tracey Moffatt, perhaps one of the most revolutionary women artists to have ever worked in that medium.

Xu Tan – Screening and Discussion

You are cordially invited to join Chinese artist Xu Tan and Nathalie Anglès, Director of Location One’s International Residency Program, for a special screening of the video Concert Hall of Zhen Daoxing  which premieres next week at the contemporary arts festival, ArtSheffield08, and for a viewing of Xu Tan’s installation Keywords  in our main gallery.

Hung Nguyen Manh & Moira Ricci

Location One is happy to present new work by residents Moira Ricci and Hung Nguyen Manh.

Eric Van Hove – Tokyo station

OFF THE RECORD Concept:Off the record is a punctual underground underway art show that takes place at various venues and subway stations in Tokyo. It hijacks the recently installed X-CUBE© locker system. X-CUBE© lockers allow multiple users to exchange packages by using a touch screen and their cell phone numbers as digital-keys. Proposed by Belgian […]

Katia Kameli & Kuba Bakowski

New work by Kuba Bakowski and Katia Kameli, two artists participating in Location One's International Residency Program.

IXTLAN STOP by Yoon-Young Park

Sep. 11th to November 4th, 2007 Arario Gallery #354-1 Shinbu-dong, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea Tel : 82 41 551 5100,5101 Fax : 82 41 551 5102 PRESS RELEASE ————————————————————————– IXTLAN STOP Her work is a restructuring of a mysterious event that unfolds in a dreamlike manner, the way a mystery novel develops as the investigator […]

Rashaad Newsome: “Shade Compositions”

At the 11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, curator Felicity Hogan presents: Duron Jackson: “Five Men” Rashaad Newsome: “Shade Compositions” Friday, September 28, 2007. Performances begin at 7pm: Rashaad Newsome followed by Duron Jackson (15 – 20 mins each) Location: 111 Front St Gallery Buildings, 2nd fl., # 216. Installation on view: Saturday, 29th, […]

Rashaad Newsome: "Shade Compositions"

At the 11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, curator Felicity Hogan presents: Duron Jackson: “Five Men” Rashaad Newsome: “Shade Compositions” Friday, September 28, 2007. Performances begin at 7pm: Rashaad Newsome followed by Duron Jackson (15 – 20 mins each) Location: 111 Front St Gallery Buildings, 2nd fl., # 216. Installation on view: Saturday, 29th, […]

Rashaad Newsome: "Shade Compositions"

At the 11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, curator Felicity Hogan presents: Duron Jackson: “Five Men” Rashaad Newsome: “Shade Compositions” Friday, September 28, 2007. Performances begin at 7pm: Rashaad Newsome followed by Duron Jackson (15 – 20 mins each) Location: 111 Front St Gallery Buildings, 2nd fl., # 216. Installation on view: Saturday, 29th, […]

ALTERAZIONI VIDEO at fabioparisartgallery

NIGHT TALK OF THE FORBIDDEN CITY # 2 OPENING 29 September 2007, 6 pm >From 29 September to 9 November 2007 Gallery opening times 3 pm -7 pm every day except Sundays and holidays The Fabio Paris Art Gallery is proud to present Night Talk of the Forbidden City #2, the first Italian solo exhibition […]


Location One’s performance program features complex multi-disciplinary productions, often based on ideas that emerge during residencies and are commissioned for further development and presentation. Abramović Studio In September 2009 Marina Abramović inaugurated the Abramović Studio at Location One. The studio, curated by Jovana Stokić, introduced artists from Location One to other artists working in the […]


We exhibit artists’ work in our main gallery eleven months a year, and often in our two other public spaces as well. All of the work we exhibit is developed at Location One, much of it by artists in our residency program. While Location One seeks to nurture a critical awareness of the implications of […]

Jeanette Doyle – StarLine Tours

April 13-May 25, 2007

Location One presented the opening of the installation StarLine Tours by resident artist Jeanette Doyle, (Ireland) on April 12th from 6 to 8 pm. The installation consists of video, audio (approximately 1h40mins.) and digital prints on watercolor paper, and was on view in the Project Gallery through Friday May 25th.

Martha Rosler: Virtual Minefield

Virtual Minefield, an installation by Martha Rosler, featured "The Phrasalator" a two-way speech-to-speech device developed by the Defense Department to translate medical information to and from English and Arabic. This exhibition marks the first use of this technology in a non-military capacity.


Location One Frequently Asked Questions What is Location One? Art. Music, Performance. Talk. Technology. We are a not-for-profit art center devoted to convergence between visual, performing and digital arts in a time of rapidly changing technology. We serve as a catalyst. Our goals are new ideas, new work, new forms of expression, new capabilities in […]

Andrew Duggan – The Interview

dorkbot NYC – February 2007

The 28098th dorkbot-nyc meeting featured: free103point9, 31 Down and Brad Borevitz

Marlena Kudlicka (Poland)

Marlena Kudlicka (Poland) Marlena’s distinctive hybrid work mixes pared-down text with elements of architecture, painting and graphic design. Recently she has started integrating new technology into her work.

Nayda Collazo-Llorens (United States)

Nayda Collazo-Llorens (United States) Nayda’s work in multiple media deals with issues of communication, accumulation and displacement. A combination of text, marks, objects, images, gestures or sounds are often structured in a nonlinear manner. The work invites the viewer to reflect on the complexities of mind, language and the fragmented nature of our lives through a process of perceiving and understanding what is inside and around us.

Trine Nedreaas (Norway)

Trine Nedreaas (Norway) Primarily a video artist, Trine’s works portrays people who are unknown but extraordinary and ambitious individuals. She focuses on their talent, aspirations and on their often unachieved desires and distant life goals. Recent videos feature individuals performing their speciality in a very particular way and setting. The use of humor to strengthen a sense of unease and lack of fulfillment is characteristic of Trine’s approach. In the artist’s words, “I make films about wanting to be wanted”.

Wang Ya-Hui (Taiwan)

Wang Ya-Hui (Taiwan) Wang,Ya-hui is primarily a video and video installation artist. Her work is driven by the exploration of human consciousness and examines how hidden or conscious changes of “being” are triggered through illusion and imagination. Her installations often make apparent shifts of perception and the passage of one visible reality to another.

Virginie Yassef (France)

Virginie Yassef (France) Yassef’s videos, photographs, sculptures and installations reveal the poetry of everyday life, emphasizing the subtle gap between perception and reality. Strangeness and often even the supernatural surfaces when and where one least expects it.

Eric Van Hove (Belgium)

Eric Van Hove (Belgium). Inspired by a deep sense of wanderlust and the experience of foreignness, Van Hove questions the limits, “moral competence” and modes of persuasion of western contemporary art, once brought to the “audiences of the border.” If he defines his work as “poetic” and “tempted”, it has recently been advanced by some that while pondering on Globalisation it inscribes in the current of Fantastic Art. Prolific artist, he reflects on materialism and nomadism, whereas his insubstantial and subtle interventions often question in a discursive way sociological, political and ecological issues.

Miguel Palma (Portugal)

Miguel Palma (Portugal). Palma conducts the realization of his projects as an engineer or project designer. Methodical research and documentation are systematically applied toward the creation of grandiose mechanical devices and gestures that often question critical sociological and ecological issues in present times.

Jeanette Doyle (Ireland)

Jeanette Doyle (Ireland). This triptych work addresses Doyle’s ongoing interest in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and how an event of this nature can segue into militarism. Framed against the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the video displayed in the central television features the parade in 2007 as it draws to an end. On the adjacent TVs, the artist has painted the image of a policeman that she photographed as he stuck out his tongue at the 2006 parade. A DVD of a solid color plays behind each painted television, green on one side and blue on the other. This new work reinforces the notion of the rendering of the self into spectacle, the Disney-fication and remote construction of National identity. Jeanette Doyle (Ireland) earned critical acclaim with her first post-graduate exhibition, winning the Overall Prize at ev+a ‘95, curated by Maria de Corral. Since then, her practice has concerned itself, often playfully, with the interrogation of a number of different disciplines and stances. Her work has been exhibited widely both in Ireland and abroad; including Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, Croatia; Brisbane Institute of Modern Art; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; the ICA and Studio Voltaire, London; Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane and the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork. Doyle has also held solo exhibitions at the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Limerick City Gallery of Art; City Arts Centre, Dublin; Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast and Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. In 2003 and 2005 she showed at Eurojet Futures at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin.

dorkbot NYC

The 24072nd dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, December 6th, 2006, at 7pm.

Artist Talk : Pieranna Cavalchini with Cliff Evans

Pieranna Cavalchini, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, entertains a conversation with artist Cliff Evans, whose epic video installation THE ROAD TO MOUNT WEATHER is on view at LOCATION ONE through Saturday November 4th, (Tue-Sat, 12-6pm)

Cliff Evans – The Road To Mount Weather

This three-channel moving image installation (15 minute loop) is a personal artifice assembled from ideas and images found across the socio-environment of the Internet. Its form is reminiscent of historic epics as represented in cinema and in grand panoramic paintings, while also mimicking the ubiquitous technology used for website banner advertisements.

*IMHO* with Erwin Redl

Artist Erwin Redl creates large-scale LED installations and environments to investigate questions of phenomenology and perception in the age of the digital experience. He uses a metaphorical “reverse engineering” to re-translate the abstract aesthetic language of Virtual Reality and 3D computer modeling into powerful light-based architectural environments that can often quite literally destabilize the viewer’s perception of space.

Lukasz Skapski: Recent Video Works and Photographs

Skapski’s recent photographic and video work concerns cultural and political issues common to many national groups: the emotional ambivalence of women and nursing mothers, people’s views of the environment in which they live, the legacy of Communist practices in farming communities, as well as the practice and tradition of film itself. In all his work, the artist demonstrates an uncanny ability for capturing people’s circumstances on film and video.

dorkbot NYC – April 2006

The nine million and eighty seventh dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm. It featured the lovely and talented: John Arroyo, Jeff Han, John Huntington.

Clay Shirky – Folksonomy and Worldview

For centuries, we have relied on groups of professionals to organize the world for us. Librarians, census takers, psychiatrists, even web site designers are responsible for presenting us with models of the world. History is organized by geography. Racial declarations must come from an official list. Homosexuality used to be a disease; later, it stopped being one. We use these classifications every day, often without thinking about them.

Slowscan Soundave (III) & The Telæsthetic Finger

Location One continued its Fall 2005 season with an exhibition in two parts featuring a large-scale interactive installation in the main gallery and a collection of smaller sound pieces in the project room.

Slowscan Soundave (III) & The Telæsthetic Finger

Location One continued its Fall 2005 season with an exhibition in two parts featuring a large-scale interactive installation in the main gallery and a collection of smaller sound pieces in the project room.

dorkbot NYC – January 2005

The thirty thousandth dorkbot-nyc meeting took place on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005, 7pm. It featured the lovely and talented: Paul Davies, Michelle Rosenberg, Jason Van Anden.

IRP Exhibition 2004

On Thursday, May 27, Location One presented its third annual artist-in-residence group exhibition. Eight works ranging from video, to sculpture, to robotic structures, to interactive installations were developed by emerging international artists during their stay. Featured in the main gallery, the show will be open to the public through Wednesday, June 30th, 2004 and will be streamed live on

Isabelle Jenniches (The Netherlands)

Isabelle Jenniches (The Netherlands) October 2002 –June 2003 In her onsite/online performances, she often draws upon such “low tech” sources as the ubiquitous public webcam, and her ongoing compulsive collections of found footage from the Internet. Isabelle Jenniches’ work has been shown in such venues as Theater de Balie, Amsterdam, Grand Theatre, Groningen, Society for Old and New Media, De Waag, Amsterdam and the World Wide Web.

Atsushi Nishijima with Yuzo Sakuraomoto

In Hot Pursuit Series: Sonnets for an Old Century

SONNETS FOR AN OLD CENTURY examines what it means to be alive at this particular time and place and what traces each of us will leave behind.

Performance Ideas: Art as Spiritual Practice

Curated by Meredith Monk and Bonnie Marranca


Project Description: In the four-month residency and online project go_HOME, Bosnian artist Danica Daki and Croatian artist Sandra Sterle will explore physical, cultural, and psychological dislocation and strategies for rebuilding and renewal.


The initiation of our film/video program with “Vivisection”, a video installation featuring work by Lisa Bateman, Janene Higgins, Luther Price, Miroslaw Rogala, and Carolee Schneemann.This work will appear in the gallery and will be streamed on our website.