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dorkbot NYC – February 2007

The 28098th dorkbot-nyc meeting featured: free103point9, 31 Down and Brad Borevitz

Marlena Kudlicka (Poland)

Marlena Kudlicka (Poland) Marlena’s distinctive hybrid work mixes pared-down text with elements of architecture, painting and graphic design. Recently she has started integrating new technology into her work.

Mark Themann (Germany/Australia)

Mark Themann received his M.F.A. from the California State University Long Beach in 1984. Mark Themann’s residency at Location One is sponsored by the New Media Arts Board-Australia Council and Arts Victoria.

Casual Friday

Casual Friday is the first essay in a broader body of work by Vesna Pavlovic consists of several layers, only one of which will be photographic. Audio interviews, drawings and writings will constitute the other layers.

Dominik Lejman (Poland)

Dominik Lejman (Poland) In his work, Dominik explores time-based painting in relation to his practice of using video projection layers that are optically merged with the physical painted image. Considered as paintings, all of his projection work paradoxically requires bright, lit space. As such, the gallery or the public space becomes the negative of the cinematic experience.