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Vite, une échelle! – Virginie Yassef

point ephemere Virginie Yassef + Gaëlle Hippolyte + Aurélie Godard Vite, une échelle ! Vite, une échelle! est la première des deux propositions d’exposition collective de trois amies aux affinités plastiques jamais éprouvées ensemble. Tous les jours, 14h > 18h, entrée libre. Vernissage mercredi 12 septembre à partir de 18h. Rencontre avec Virginie Yassef, Aurélie […]

Martin Beauregard (Canada)

Martin Beauregard. The Canadian artist explores multiple media including performance art using both low-tech and high-tech methods.

Cecile Paris (France)

Cecile Paris (France) As an artist who works mainly with video and photography, Cecile’s practice is informed by the exploration of narrative and its potential in still and moving images.

Juei-Hsien Hsu (Taiwan)

Ruey-Hsiaan Hsu (Taiwan)

Ruey-Hsiaan Hsu uses mechanical elements as a creative medium. He builds technically complex and conceptually sophisticated “machines” whose motions are activated by the audience and stimulate memories and emotions. Exploring the ways in which sound, images, and new media might be used to extend the language of his work are a new development.

Vincent Lamouroux (France)

Born in 1974 at Saint Germain-en-Laye, France. Lives and works in Paris.

Marta Deskur (Poland)

Marta Deskur was born in Krakow in 1962 and studied at the École de Beaux Arts, Aix-en-Provence. She received the Diplôme National Superieur d’expression plastique in 1998. Her latest work, Rodzina (Family) has been exhibited in Poland at the Goethe Institute and elsewhere in Europe. Web project New Baby? was created during Marta Deskur’s residency at Location One