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List of Popular African Americans

There is actually or UTI a urinary tract infection a term that identifies disease the effect of a type of germs called E.coli. A person, if experiencing urinary tract illness is also at a risk of miscarriage. UTI is just a bacterial infection while in the urinary system and therefore are less unusual in girls […]

Planning ones friendly sciences research paper guides university

The principles for e-trade, deemed as a way of conducting business via the internet, are over time replacing. Things such as the internet marketing, younger creation, market changes research paper amongst the many other worries have compelled brands to imagine different regarding their types of process. Forming customer customer loyalty and belief is now more […]

Different Types of Marketing

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Overview of the Scholastic Essay

A definite sense of argument is very important to every sorts of scholastic publishing, for composing is believed generated visual. Insights and ideas that happen to us as soon as we experience the unprocessed compound around the world-all-natural phenomena including the conduct of genes, or ethnic phenomena, like texts, artifacts and photographs-is required to be […]

How to Start a In close proximity Perusing

The process of publishing an essay ordinarily starts with the close viewing of any txt. Obviously, the writer’s particular experience could every now and then come into the essay, and the essays depend on the writer’s personally own knowledge and observations.

Death, Void, and Sometimes My Mother

A live collaborative performance by artists Atsushi Kaga and Louise Ward.

One and Many

A group show featuring work by Monica Baptista, Hiraku Suzuki, Agnieszka Kurant, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, David Molander, and Atsushi Kaga. These artists engage a variety of mediums, from digital film and photography to the traditional art of sewing, transforming one piece into many as they channel possible meta-narratives in their work.

Rob Kennedy: I Relish Your Balderdash

A screening/talk/reading presented by Scottish artist-in-residence Rob Kennedy concerning the absurdities, problems and possibilities of language, as affected by image, text, time, sense and nonsense. Kennedy presents a video screening Hapless, Helpless and Hopeless and two other films.

Snake Alley @ Taipei Cultural Center

Snake Alley @ Taipei Cultural Center on March 19, 6-8pm Location: 1 East 42nd Street NYC 10017 (close to 5th Ave.) Snake Alley is part of Asian Contemporary Art Week which connects leading New York City galleries and museums in a citywide event comprising of public programs such as exhibitions, receptions, lectures and performances. The […]

Katia Kameli & Kuba Bakowski

New work by Kuba Bakowski and Katia Kameli, two artists participating in Location One's International Residency Program.

Nina Katchadourian at Sara Meltzer Gallery

From TIME OUT NY “Ceci n’est pas…” Sara Meltzer Gallery, through Aug 17 Nina Katchadourian, Self-portrait of the artist as an artist Courtesy the artist and Sara Meltzer Gallery The 22 artists featured in “Ceci n’est pas…” chronicle every tawdry aspect of the gallery scene with wit, irony and—occasionally—sycophantic adoration. Laura Parnes’s videos reenact the […]

Andrew Duggan – The Interview

Mayumi Nakazaki (The Netherlands)

Mayumi Nakazaki (The Netherlands) Mayumi refers to herself as a product of “Japanese-style Westernization”. She is interested in the notion of the “self that exists and interplays in between parallels”. Her practice is a balance between creating fiction out of reality and trying to elevate reality to the rank of narrative. She focuses on sociological and ethnological issues with subjects that deal with disguise, uniformity, identity, gender and more recently with behavioural and conversational patterns between people.

IRP 2006 Group Show II Walkthrough

IRP 2006 Group Show II Walkthrough June 7, 2006 ARTIST WALKTHROUGH An opportunity to meet Location One’s residents and hear them talk about their works see the show after-hours Leesa & Nicole Abahuni Simo Alitalo Andrew Duggan Mayumi Nakazaki Trine Nedreaas Yuki Okumura Lydia Venieri Wang Ya-Hui

International Residency Program 2005-2006 – Group Show II

On Thursday, June 1st, Location One opened its Summer exhibition, showcasing new work developed by resident artists from the USA, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Greece, and Taiwan who are participating in the Location One 2005-2006 International Residency Program. The show was open to the public through Saturday, July 29th, 2006.


Project Description: In the four-month residency and online project go_HOME, Bosnian artist Danica Daki and Croatian artist Sandra Sterle will explore physical, cultural, and psychological dislocation and strategies for rebuilding and renewal.