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Nayland Blake – Misbehavior III

During the course of the exhibition, Blake will also curate two more evenings of performances. Each night he will invite five artists, musicians, and authors to react to his work.

Nayland Blake – Misbehavior I

A series of performances based on Nayland Blake's exhibition Behavior. Curated by Nayland Blake. Features performances by Carmelita Tropicana, Robert Gluck, Sarah Schulman, Rob Fitterman, Dominic Vine


Location One’s performance program features complex multi-disciplinary productions, often based on ideas that emerge during residencies and are commissioned for further development and presentation. Abramović Studio In September 2009 Marina Abramović inaugurated the Abramović Studio at Location One. The studio, curated by Jovana Stokić, introduced artists from Location One to other artists working in the […]

Odd Job back in NY

Fifteen years after making a brief splash as an ill-fated downtown supergroup in the avant jazz and experimental music scene, Odd Job (Shelley Hirsch, Ned Rothenberg, David Weinstein and Samm Bennett along with new member bassplayer Stomu Takeishi) gave a one night reunion concert at Location One on Friday, January 21st , 2005.

Music in December : Ikue Mori & Janene Higgins

Janene Higgins and Ikue Mori will perform a live duet of video and music.

Music in December : Ikue Mori & Janene Higgins

Janene Higgins and Ikue Mori will perform a live duet of video and music.

Wake the Dead Spring Music Series : Arch and How I See the World, #1

With electric harp, processors, multiple projections, and cameras, they perform a live music/live video duet. Parkins continues her sonic research on her self-invented electric harp, a hybrid of an acoustic harp and an electric guitar. Higgins utilizes video mixers and cameras in a live performance setting, enabling her to “play” the video as a musician would play an instrument.

Wake the Dead Spring Music Series: Marcus Rojas with Peter Apfelbaum and Satoshi Takeishi

The fourth of five exciting nights of music will feature a solo performance by Marcus Rojas, and also trio work with the addition of Peter Apfelbaum and Satoshi Takeishi.


Based on biological models of growth and reproduction, the 12-piece ensemble of winds, brass, samplers, and percussion plus real-time computer processing, uses sets of simple instructions to manipulate a variety of composed cores, creating structures in a mode analogous to that of organisms such as “radiolaria,” a kind of aquatic, single-celled protozoa.


The initiation of our film/video program with “Vivisection”, a video installation featuring work by Lisa Bateman, Janene Higgins, Luther Price, Miroslaw Rogala, and Carolee Schneemann.This work will appear in the gallery and will be streamed on our website.