Born in Istanbul, Köken Ergun was taught by the playwright Güngör Dilmen and the actress Yildiz Kenter at the Istanbul State Conservatory and completed his postgraduate degree in Classics at King’s College London. Between 1998 and 2002, he worked with American director Robert Wilson. Ergun additionallly worked with Aydin Teker in Istanbul, performing in Density and iiao. In September 2001, Ergun presented öte-oceanwide, an installation+performance project on the occasion of the Istanbul Biennial with Carlos Soto, Ferhat Karakaya and Dominic Reeves.

A grantee of The American Center Foundation and The Jerome Robbins Foundation, Ergun has most recently exhibited a sound installation at Kiasma, Helsinki. He is currently writing his dissertation at the Istanbul Bilgi University on the subject of “The Element of Stress on the Contemporary Body in Today’s New Media Arts.”

Ergun’s residency at Location One is supported by The Jerome Robbins Foundation; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey; Mavi Jeans; Istanbul Bilgi University; The Marmara-Manhattan and The Moon and Stars Project.