February 15, 2006 – 7:00 PM

Paololuca Barbieri and art collective, ALTERAZIONI VIDEO.

echo - 2006 A concert-performance conceived as a one-night audio-video event. The project explores the relationship between light and sound, looking for the natural correspondence between these two elements, between visible and invisible, playing with their frequencies.

The group takes inspiration from the basic theory of physics that “light is an undulatory phenomenon”, and from the empirical discovery that these waves could be converted into sound by a solar panel.

For LIGHT WAVES, the performers will be using different kinds of lights as their “instruments”
Small solar panels will function as Òphoto microphonesÓ, capturing light from different kinds of lamps: neon, wood, table lamps, etc., as well as invisible infrared rays from a TV remote-control are used like a globular guitar.

ÊThe end result is a fascinating combination of sounds, lights and video (a live video recording of the ÒconcertÓ will be screened during the performance) which will entirely envelop the audience by bringing the spectators inside a universe of unexpected sounds and frequencies.Ê The entire performance will last approximately 15 minutes and may be repeated during the course of the night.

Special guest: Cheney Thompson

ALTERAZIONI VIDEO is an art collective based in Milan, Italy, that develops video, installation and electronic music projects.Ê Its members are Paololuca Barbieri, Alberto Caffarelli, Andrea Masu, Matteo Erenbourg, Giacomo Porfiri. Their installation RECLAIM the MEDIA! is included in the Location One International Residents’ Group Show.