Lovisa Ringborg (Sweden)
Hasselblad Foundation

Lovisa Ringborg

Lovisa Ringborg started as a painter and the influence of painting, especially the Flemish and Baroque artists, is evident in her work. ‘In all of my pictures, I have worked in a painterly way, with texture and colours in the photographs. Coming from painting, that’s a natural way for me to work, it’s only the media that have changed…’

Ringborg works at ‘the borders between fantasy and reality’. She uses child models in fictional settings and narratives and digitally manipulates the images. The children in her photographs seem somehow detached, depersonalised. ‘That’s my intention, I’m not interested in working with portraits. I work with my models, change them until they become something else, become my own… I want them to evolve into symbols or signs rather than individuals.’

2003-2008 University of photography, Göteborg    
2002-2003 Göteborgs artschool                      
2001-2002 Gerlesborgs artschool, Bohuslän 

Selected solo exhibitions:
If Your Secret Was an Animal, What Animal Would it Be, Harlem Studio Fellowship, New York City
Limbo, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Rotwand Gallery, Zürich
Investigations, Passagen / Linköpings konsthall
Kungsbacka Konsthall, Göteborg
Uppsala teatergalleri, Uppsala
JR Konsthallen , Linköping
Wonderland, Westberg/Spåman , Göteborg
Uppsala teatergalleri, Uppsala
JR Konsthallen , Linköping

Lovisa Ringborg’s residency is made possible by the Hasselblad Foundation, Sweden