Lydia is a multiple media artist whose work ranges from sculpture to installations incorporating painting, photography, video and the Internet. The fusion of mythological references with the everyday lies at the heart of her inspiration : “I create universes and landscapes where I project stories, conspiracy theories related to the media and mythological legends”.

Established in New York since 1997, Lydia was born in Athens and studied at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris. Her latest video project ‘Sleeping Beauty Conscience” traveled to New York, Paris, Moscow and Athens. Recent exhibitions include: In 2005: Galerie Quang, Paris and Fondation Hippocrene, Agence de Rob Mallet-Stevens, Paris. In 2004: Vernikos Foundation, Kastella, Athens ; Open Air Sculpture, Central Athens and New York Public Library, New York. Lydia is also regularly commissioned to create set designs for theaters in the US and Europe.

Projects and Exhibitions at Location One:
The Last Conflict Performance :: Residents’ Exhibition June 2006

Video Interview with Sarah Tanguy, Curator, Writer, and Consultant.
Press NY ARTS Magazine

Lydia’s residency at Location One is supported by the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation.