Mark Themann received his M.F.A. from the California State University Long Beach in 1984.

“RE/ general focus of work

1.Collaborate with the contexts + possibilities at Location One. This open approach, refuses a pre-determinism + echoes my 20 years of nomadicism within: Site specific “Installations”, Performances and a Sculptural practice, enacted across Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, and the USA.

2.Given the artists and cross media and cross cultural contexts, accessible via Location One, how can a context specific practice, continue to objectify, as an intuitive process, a paradoxical occurrence and a conceptually pointed manifestation?

3.Can a materiality (including the “high –tech” + the collaborative) and the conceptual – can each be utilized, to (both) reflect on itself and question the other. Start with the video/DVD media “finish” with the question: Where does one gesture end and the other begin?”
Recent exhibitions include: Palazzo della Pappesse, Siena, Italy; ARCO, Madrid, Spain; Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

Mark Themann’s residency at Location One is sponsored by the New Media Arts Board-Australia Council and Arts Victoria.