We invite you to become part of Location One’s community as a member.

Location One welcomes support from friends of the arts at any level…
Membership at Location One offers plenty of opportunities to expand your mind and your circle of friends.



Co-Chairs: Laura Skoler and Claudia Calirman
The advisory council is intended for people who welcome a high level of exposure to and interaction with artists and the artistic process.  Here’s how:


Twice a year, after a major opening, we invite 100 artists, writers,  curators, art professionals and other interesting people to a private dinner at the home of Location One executive director Claire Montgomery. You’re invited.


Three times a year, Claire and Claudia invite major artists and  art-world figures to take part in lively conversation (and a glass of wine) with  board members. You’re invited.


Visit all our artists-in-residence in our studios and see the projects they are working on during their stays in New York.


From time to time, artists contribute pieces of their work to help support our work. They’re offered first to board members.


Advisory Council members are invited to take part in all the activities of the Studio Council (below).

Membership in the Advisory Council is $2500 (tax-deductible). 



Chair: Steve Cukierski 

The Studio Council is designed for enthusiasts and professionals who’d 
like a broad range of opportunities for exposure to our artists and their work.

Here’s how: 


Let a major artist show you around his/her studio and talk to you
about current work and ideas, with a Location One curator as your guide. 


  Let a major collector show you around his/her home and 

tell you the stories behind the collection, with a Location One curator as your 




There are 600 galleries in New York. Let a Location One curator
show you eight or nine exhibitions that are particularly worth your attention. 


Join us for lunch in our studios as our fellows, curators, artists in residence discuss their work and their ideas. 


Receive a copy of all of any new book or exhibition catalog or DVD we publish. 


We’re always happy to help members arrange private meetings with our artists (schedules permitting). 

Note: Many of these activities require reservations, because they must be limited in size. 
When anything is over-subscribed, we’ll try to arrange an encore. 

Membership in the Studio Advisory Board is $1000 (tax-deductible).



Twice a year you are invited to a members-only VIP reception with our artists-in-residence.


Receive a copy of any new book or exhibition catalogue or DVD we we publish.


Patrons are invited to all the activities of the individual members.

Membership as a Patron is $500



Get the first look at every Location One exhibition at these VIP-only receptions.


Join us for a glass of wine as each of our artists show his/her portfolio and discuss the work with a curator or critic. 

Individual Memberships are $100 (tax deductible).

Current Members

We extend special thanks to the following supporters who have contributed between $500 and $5000 toward our programs:

Diane Ackerman
Ann Barlow
Andrew Brimmer
Henry Buhl
Judi Caron
Margaret Cogswell
Michael and Noni Connor
Sophie Crichton-Stuart
Christian Duvernois
Pamela Grace
Jeanette Ingberman
Edward and Phyllis Kwalwasser
Caroline Lang
Gallery Lelong
Brenda Levin
James Lindon
James T. MacGregor
Matthew Marks
Elzbieta Matynia
DeCourcy E. McIntosh
Raj Moorjani
David and Brigitte Olsen
Alina Pedroso
Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz
Richard Prince
Dennis Rolland
Elsa and Marvin Ross-Greifinger
Adam Sheffer
Roger and Freddi Sherman
Clay Shirky
Melissa Soros
Sue Stoffel
Rachel Vancelette
Gordon VeneKlasen
Jane Wesman