Nayland Blake – Gorge and Misbehavior II

Gorge and Misbehavior
Friday, January 9, 2009
6pm – Gorge / 8pm – Misbehavior
Free Admission
Performers: Eileen Myles, Brina Thurston, Chris Cochrane, Lauren Silberman,
Curated by Nayland Blake

The second night in a series of performances responding and reacting to BEHAVIOR, the current exhibition by Nayland Blake. At 6pm Blake will reenact his notorious performance, “Gorge,” a one-hour event in which the artist will sit shirtless in front of a table full of food from which the audience is encouraged to feed him.

photo by Nayland Blake, Gorge 2009
Nayland Blake - Gorge and Misbehavior II