Nayland Blake – Misbehavior III

During the course of the exhibition, Blake will also curate two more evenings of performances, January 9 and February 7.

Each night he will invite five artists, musicians, and authors to react to his work. The second Misbehavior, on January 9, will be no less spectacular, showcasing additional performer-reactors, as well as a re-staging of Blake’s notorious performance, “Gorge,” a one-hour performance in which the artist sits shirtless in front of a table full of food from which the audience is encouraged to feed him. The final Misbehavior, promises to be a grand finale, full of surprises. Be prepared to see interpretations of Blake’s work by artists such as Zeena Parkins, Carolee Schneemann, and Lynn Tillman.

 details on the February 7th perfomances coming soon…