Nicolas Grospierre and Kaeko Mizukoshi

International Artists in Residence Exhibition
April 28-May 9, 2009
Nicolas Grospierre (Poland) and Kaeko Mizukoshi (Japan)opening reception 6-8pm

Nicolas Grospierre “Bank” Nicolas Grospierre, “Safe”
Nicolas Grospierre, “Bank” (L), “Safe” (R) click for larger image

Kaeko Mizukoshi, “Hymn” still
Kaeko Mizukoshi, Hymn

Location One is pleased to present the first of its summer 2009 International Residency Program Exhibitions, featuring the work of two outstanding emerging artists, Nicolas Grospierre and Kaeko Mizukoshi.Polish artist Nicolas Grospierre will present a photographic installation consisting of several photographs that depict the interiors of New York City bank vaults, as well as a small sculptural component. Grospierre’s project, brewing conceptually since 2007, yet not realized until this 2009 residency, is particularly prescient in today’s economic crisis and daily bank bailouts.In her video, “Hymn” (2009), Japanese artist Kaeko Mizukoshi, documents a nighttime scene at a Los Angeles bus stop that depicts a seemingly endless dialogue between a man, who rants indecipherably, and an awaiting passenger who responds with unrelated religious exclamations.


Nicolas Grospierre’s residency is presented in association with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York within its Poland-U.S. Artists-In-Residence Exchange Program, organized by a-i-r laboratory at the Centre for Contemporary Art “Ujazdowski Castle” in Warsaw, Poland and Location One in New York, with generous support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding”

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