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“Location One, a singularly engaging, idealistic and enchanting SoHo space any art lover must experience, no matter the exhibition”–Anne Swartz, NY ARTS, January/February 2006 on Douglas Repetto’s Slowscan Soundwave (III)



Davide Balliano:
Giving My Back To The Night I Heard You Lying To A Giant First Giant
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Sharon Stone in Abuja

Co-curated by Zina Sara-Wiwa and James Lindon of Pace Gallery

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Lucy Skaer

Rachel, Peter, Caitlin, John

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Adel Abidin

I’m Sorry

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Richard Bell

I Am Not Sorry

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Conrad Shawcross


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LMCC review of Location One, Summer/Fall 2002


Laurie Anderson

From the Air: Two Installations

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Nayland Blake

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Xu Tan

Searching for Keywords

RhizomeAsia Art Archive


Lida Abdul

What We Saw Upon Awakening

Time Out New YorkArtSalant interviewJody Zellen’s Blog


Nora Ligorano & Marshall Reese

Crater New York: A Lunar Drawing Contest
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Miguel Palma

Inverted World

Rhizome News [link] – PDF
Interview:Natalie Bewernitz and Marek Goldowski
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Martha Rosler

Virtual Minefield

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Jeanette Doyle

Starline Tours

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Artists in Residence Group Exhibition Winter 2007

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LMCC: The Low Down

World Wide Wonder


Dorkbot NYC

When Art and Science Collide, a Dorkbot Meeting Begins


Cliff Evans

The Road To Mount Weather

Best of 2006 FILM, Barbara London – ART FORUM
Cliff Evans – Isabella Stewart Garner Museum, Francine Koslow Miller – ART FORUM, February 2008


Slowscan Soundwave (III) & The Telæsthetic Finger

NYArts MagazineRhizome


Glen Rumsey

ignored in my heaven… and Open Stitch

A World of Dreams With a Burst of Spirit
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Claude Closky


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Gozo Yoshimasu

Poetic Spectrum-Images, Objects and Words of Gozo Yoshimasu

OCS News
listings:Asian ArtTime Out New York, The Village Voice, NY Press, JAHF


Saoirse Higgins

The Doom_machine

Mechanism no.1: war by Saoirse Higgins and Simon Schiessl
The Village Voice +
NY Press

Amy X Neuburg & Joshua Fried
Time Out New York



Marianne Weems & Norman Frisch

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Artists in Residence Group Exhibition 2003

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Mike Tyler

New Work

Flavorpill Interview

The Village Voice


Winter Music Series

Shelley Hirsch, Marina Rosendfeld, Toshio Kajiwara, Janene Higgins, Ikue Mori, Samm Bennett, Marc Ribot, and Ned Rothenberg

The New York Times +

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Audio Ballerinas

with Benoît Maubrey

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Enid Baxter Blader

Letter From the Girl, Mailed at the Gas Station

Artforum review


The New York Times,

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Signal to Noise

Atsushi Nishijima, Erwin Redl, Laurie Spiegel, Heather Wagner

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March Music Festival

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Francois Bucher

White Balance

Artforum review

New York Times review


Keith Sonnier

O2=O3 : Fractured Oxygen=Ozone

Artforum review

Art in America review

The New YorkerReview by Alastair Noble


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The Stanley Love Performance Group

Three New Works

Village Voice Review


Life After the Squirrel

Inagural Group Show

Flash Art review + listings