Location One has a rich program consisting of Exhibitions, Performance (highlighted by the Abramović Studio), and Discourse, chiefly generated by our International Residency Program.



Each year five major exhibitions are presented in the main gallery by mid-career or well-established artists. With the assistance of Location One staff, they are attempting to expand their artistic vision by experimenting with new ideas or means of production and sometimes through novel collaborations with other artists. Throughout the year numerous smaller exhibitions from emerging artists are shown in our project gallery. selected list of past exhibitions >>



Location One’s performance program features complex multi-disciplinary productions, often based on ideas that emerge during residencies and are commissioned for further development and presentation.



Throughout the year we organize readings, panels, lectures and workshops by artists, critics, technology experts and thinkers from different fields that are linked to our core philosophies. In addition, we sponsor dorkbot, a global group where artists, designers, and scientists hold a monthly meeting at Location One in which participants present new electronic media work for peer review.



Senior Artist-in-Residence
Each year one artist at the top of their career is invited by Location One to spend time in our studios and with the other artists-in-residence. Location One staff works with them to define a project that they might not consider within the normal confines of their practice.

International Fellowship
The International Committee has been formed to support an invitation-only artist fellowship program. The committee proposes outstanding mid-career or established artists who might benefit from a fellowship in New York and the chance to experiment and create work they might never make if working commercially or within the bounds of their daily lives. Artists invited into this program are selected and sponsored by Location One’s International Committee.

International Residency Program
This is our core program for artists, who spend from 5-10 months in residence at our studios. It is not open to students or recent graduates. Artists selected are accomplished artists with a history of exhibition.

The program seeks artists who wish to experiment with their practice, including those interested in new technologies, to create new work. The curators and staff who help select our artists remain involved to help develop exhibitions of their work.

Artists invited into this program are selected by a double panel system of curators and critics from their home countries who submit the short list of artists to our New York-based panel for final selection