Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Written & directed by Raz Mesinai
Produced by Raz Mesinai & Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Music by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

In 2012, equipped with sound recording devices, speakers, percussion and cameras, co-producer, Jonathan Uliel Saldhana, camera man, José Roseira, percussionist, Gustavo Costa, and Raz Mesinai, go deep inside one of the oldest underground mines in all of Europe, dating back thousands of years.

After descending hundreds of feet beneath the earth, they begin to encounter paranormal sounds, which they spend weeks recording, finding themselves lost in a labyrinth, surrounded by mysterious sounds and no way out.

Incorporating footage and sound recordings from his underground expeditions, Raz Mesinai blurs the line between reality and fiction, creating a dream like narrative of darkness at its darkest.