Wang,Ya-hui is primarily a video and video installation artist. Her work is driven by the exploration of human consciousness and examines how hidden or conscious changes of “being” are triggered through illusion and imagination. Her installations often make apparent shifts of perception and the passage of one visible reality to another.

Wang,Ya-hui lives and works in Taipei. She received a B.A. from National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei (1998) followed by an M.F.A. at the National Taipei University of Arts (2004). In 2002, she received the Taipei Arts Award from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum as well as the [Gap] Award from the National Cultural and Arts Foundation, Taiwan. In 2002, she participated at the Taipei Biennial and has exhibited at the Seoul Museum of Art (2003).

Projects and Exhibitions at Location One:
Exchange Interactive Video :: Residents’ Exhibition June 2006

Video Interview with Yuka Yokoyama, Assistant Director, ISE Foundation.

Wang, Ya-hui is the fourth recipient of the YageoTech-Art Award of the ACC (Asian Cultural Council), awarded yearly for a residency at Location One.