Jul, 2008

“TRANSACTION” – two persons exhibition by Yumiko Furukawa and Yasuko Watanabe
6.27 Fri – 7.25 Fri, 2008

Gallery Side 2 is pleased to present “TRANSACTION” a two persons exhibition by Yumiko Furukawa and Yasuko Watanabe opening from June 27, 2008.
On the basis of her activities and experiences in New York, Yumiko Furukawa, who has presented ambivalent sculptural works questioning the gap of the perception between oneself and others by quoting popular novels, this time visualizes her point of views poetically by capturing the sceneries intuitively in a form of sculpture. Yasuko Watanabe, a young and emerging female artist who made her solo debut exhibition in January this year, has produced works by utilizing various media such as photography, drawing and sculpture. Her works freely suggesting the world outside the frame, dancing lightly the boundaries between the usual and the unusual, give the viewers a refreshing aftertaste with vivid colors.
To represent those images that would never make an appearance, even if they actually exist around you, they interpret them with their free imagination and visualize them by elaborating their skilled creativity.
There will be a sparkling bio-chemistry between the works by these two female artists.


Yumiko Furukawa
Born in Fukushima in 1975. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, DFA. Currently lives and works in New York.

Yasuko Watanabe
Born in Chiba in 1981. Musashino Art University, MFA. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Yumiko Furukawa
The Safety Valve in Handling Complaints (2008), A Formula That Will Work Wonders for You (2008)

Yasuko Watanabe untitled (2008, set of 3)

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