Sep, 2007

– 30 et presque songes – group show, zone zital ankorondrano, Antananarivo, Republic of Madagascar :

“Tandis que se dispersent les troupeaux stellaires,
puis rentrent dans leur parcage inconnu (…)”
Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Mesures du temps, in Presque-songes, Antananarivo, 1960, page 47.

Mesures du temps (installation view – 30 parrots, bird droppings, black paint, manufactured steel, bamboo – 3,66m x 3,66m x 5,66m)


1.- Installation composed of a bird cage of 3,66 cubic meters, assembled by a poor craftsman family in the slum of Antananarivo, inside which thirty green parrots endemic to the island of Madagascar were placed. The accumulation of their droppings over a month (the duration of the exhibit) slowly drew a milky way of shit into a square of black paint on the ground. The title is inspired by “translation from the night” of Malagasy poet Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo.
This bilingual poem of Andrianjafy Rabekotroka (1961-1993), also, I think:

Mitabataba ny alina mitabataba moana
an’efi-pahanginan’ny aritra tsy mandry
sondriana mamisa ny lalana hodiavina
Mitabataba ny alina mitabataba foana
An-tsaham-pahanginan’ny saina tsy tafandry
Mamadibadi-bolana iavan’ilay Maraina
Mitabataba ny alina mitabataba tahotra
a-maso vahobahotra mamikitra amin’ny volana
miandra hafanana anatin’ny ririnina Gronde la nuit gronde dans le mutisme
dans la chambre silencieuse de la pensée inquiète
occupée à imaginer le chemin à parcourir
Gronde la nuit gronde sans fin
Dans le silence du champ de l’esprit éveillé
à ressasser les mots source du Matin
Gronde la nuit gronde de peur
Dans les yeux hésitants qui s’accrochent à la lune
Espérant la chaleur en plein hivers

Andrianjafy Rabekotroka, Sandrakalo, Éd. CCAC, Antananarivo, page 9.

Thank you to my assistants on this piece: Ralisonna, Randrianasolo, Randrianandrasana Élyzé, Razakandrainy Albert, Rakotondrasoa Émile, Rasolofoniaina Hajatiana, and their family.

2.- Abreaction (Performance): Sort of succinct graffiti, the intervention is a poetic and cathartic work of vulgarization consisting in the traversing of a foreign public space with a single sentence of automatic writing. Abreaction, the work invites an exteriorisation of emotional tension, possible effect according to Aristotle of tragedy on the audience (Poetics, VI and VIII).

Curated/initiated by Joël Andrianomearisoa.
Thank you to Bérénice Gulmann (Centre Culturel Français Albert Camus), Appui au Bilinguisme à Madagascar (ABM: Malagasy sy Frantsay Miara – Miasa) and Patrice Sour.

Odile Decq, Sylvia Andrianaivo, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Vonjiniaina, Zo, Vincent Dubourg, Pierrot Men, Hugo Godart, Philippe Gaubert, Abe, Aloalo, Kettly Noël, Dieudonné, Nelisiwe Xaba, Alizé, Ndimby Rakotomalala, Ramily, Soavina Ramaroson, Patrice Sour, Iris, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Jean Joseph Rabearivelo, :mentalklinik, Marina, Juliana Anjavola, Ma Design, Tokem, Eric Van Hove.

Date: September 19th to October 20th 2007
Opening time: everyday from 10am to 8pm (Sunday 10am to 1pm)
Venue: Zone Zital Ankorondrano, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Entry Price: 500Ar.