The Location One International Residency Program’s unique structure allows emerging and mid-career artists to interact and converse with more established artists who are at the top of their career. This sort of discourse is at the heart of Location One’s philosophy of experimentation and collaboration.

Unlike most other residency programs there is no direct application process; artists are selected by our partner foundations and arts organizations who directly sponsor artists from their home countries. When logistically and financially possible, American artists are invited to participate and are proposed by Location One’s curatorial team.
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Senior Artist-in-Residence

Each year one artist at the top of their career is invited to spend time in our studios and with the other artists-in-residence. Location One’s curatorial and technology staff works with the “Senior Artist” to define a project that they might not consider within the normal confines of their practice and when possible, this project is offered to the public through exhibition or performance.

International Fellowship  

The International Committee has been formed to support an exclusive invitation-only artist fellowship program to bring the best and brightest artists in the world to New York.

The committee selects outstanding mid-career or established artists who might benefit from a fellowship in the art capital of New York. Artists selected for this fellowship program will be given the same benefits as participants in Location One’s well-established International Residency Program, however the fellowship will be designed specifically for each artist’s benefit, and with the committee’s insight, artists will be given the possibility for exhibitions and publications of their work.  This fellowship will offer them a chance for reflection, experimentation and creation of work they might never make if working commercially or within the bounds of their daily lives.

International Residency Program

Location One’s artist-in-residency program seeks artists who wish to experiment with new forms of artistic expression, including those involving new technologies, to create new work reflecting their experimentation. Artists spend 5 or 10 months in residence. Candidates may work with painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound, or new media. Candidates must be working artists with at least three years of practice and some exhibition history. Students are not eligible.

Artists from abroad are selected through a double panel review process: A home-country sponsoring institution proposes a short list of candidates, from which Location One chooses one artist-in-residence. American artists are proposed by curators, by critics and by our own staff.


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