Hermelinde Hergenhahn

“Proposal for Bagman & Straight Ladies” spoken word transformed into media. A work for two beamers & a cutter”. 2008

is addressed to New York.
Its footage is found on the street through accidental meetings and observations.
Text and title are illusive, both material and immaterial.
They exist in, on and through wall and exhibition space.
While giving ‘Bagman’ a shelter in an Art Gallery, a driving force will not be stopped to carve or scratch the wall.
Different possible self’s reveal vulnerability and aggression depending on the point of view.

In hundreds of very small, or very large drawings Hermelinde explores human hopes and fears, with relentless humour and ambiguity. Her writings, films and installations in public space (video/billboard)
analyse the connection between these anxieties in private and how they occur in the arena of everyday life (media/advertisement). She described her approach as of a “critical nearness”.

With special thanks to Vicky, Howard and a nameless person, who discovered me, hh, in NY, January, 2008.” Hermelinde Hergenhahn.