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Interview from Isabelle Jenniches with Carole Stakena, Deputy Director and Curator,
Creative Time, New York

October 2002 –June 2003
Isabelle Jenniches received her Master’s degree in Scenography from the Academy of Applied Art in Vienna, Austria, and a postgraduate degree in Digital Media, Communication and the Arts from Media-GN, the Netherlands. In her work, which often evolves out of close collaborations with other artists, actors, dancers and musicians, Isabelle exploits the social and emotional impact of new forms of mediated communication in theatrical situations, using, for example, telepresent characters.

In her onsite/online performances, she often draws upon such “low tech” sources as the ubiquitous public webcam, and her ongoing compulsive collections of found footage from the Internet. Isabelle Jenniches’ work has been shown in such venues as Theater de Balie, Amsterdam, Grand Theatre,
Groningen, Society for Old and New Media, De Waag, Amsterdam and the World Wide Web.

During Isabelle’s residency at Location One, she will explore the concept of solitary as well as shared realtime telecasting and streaming media.

Location One is grateful to The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture for supporting Isabelle’s residency.