javier viver
Javier Viver received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at The Universidad Complutense, Madrid.

In his art practice, Viver explores architectural structures that address the fragility of mankind’s temporal condition. His current project is EspHeM (“Empresa de Servicios para Habitar este Mundo” / “AService Company to inhabit this World”).This fictional online company produces prototypes of models of living that are founded upon the assemble/dismantle systems appropriated from package construction, and that are applied to the human scale. EspHeM offers aesthetic, well designed structures that quickly unfold as provisional habitats, reflective of society’s transient condition.

Javier Viver works are in the collections of the Spanish Academy in Rome, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain, Caja Madrid Fundation, and Arte XXI Fundation.”

EspHeM website :: http://www.location1.org/esphem