Free and open to the public. All events begin at 7pm.

Location One is happy to host exciting talks by renowned experts from many disciplines who reflect upon artistic and cultural themes that permeate our contemporary cultural landscape. Past speakers have included Martha Rosler, Chris Csikszentmihalyi, and Marcia Vetrocq. For a full list of our past Open House Wednesday talks, click here >>


We’ll reopen Open House Wednesday season with dorkbot NYC, starting Wednesday, September 3, at 7pm.

Open House Wednesdays

September 19, 2007: IMHO with Ligorano/Reese
Artists Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese will discuss their current exhibition: Crater New York, A Lunar Drawing Contest as well as past and future artworks. 7pm, free admission.


September 5, 2007: dorkbot NYC
“People doing strange things with electricity” Members of the Conflux 2007 curatorial team will introduce this year’s Conflux, highlighting several key projects and covering the schedule of events.
Presenting: Christian Croft & Kate Hartman: Energy Harvesting Dérive

Mouna Andraos: Sustainable practices in electronic art and design

Michael J. Dory: Concrete Crickets

Recent Open House Wednesday events have included:

June 20, 2007 International Residents’ Exhibition 2006-2007 – CURATOR/ARTIST TALK more…

May 30 2007 *IMHO* with Heather Wagner in conversation with artist Tianna Kennedy more…

May 23 2007 Amanda McDonald Crowley, Executive Director of EYEBEAM more…

May 16 2007
SLART(TM) Art in Second Life: a presentation by Richard Minsky. more…