Miguel Soares
November-December, 2003

Gustavo v2.0

Gustavo v2.0, 2003. garbage bag, motorized arm, laser pointer

“Do androids dream of electric sheep?” – Philip K. Dick

Gustavo is a robot that has been discarded in a black garbage bag. Out of this bag extends Gustavo’s motorized arm, with a laser that is carving a drawing on the wall. Do robots dream of being artists?

Time Zones
2003 5’28”

Miguel Soares: Gustavo v.2.0Miguel Soares: Gustavo v.2.0Miguel Soares: Gustavo v.2.0Miguel Soares: Gustavo v.2.0

video animation, DVD projection, stereo sound
sound: Time Zones, Negativland, Escape From Noise album/cd, Seeland Records, 1987 http://www.negativland.com Time Zones is about time and size, United States versus Soviet Union, the cold war, the use of media as a vehicle for psychological warfare and the use of computers to control the “imperfections” of men. Time Zones was created in collaboration with Negativland, based on work made in 1987. It is a work in progress.

(work in progress), 2003.
Durst Lambda prints

These images are composed from the juxtaposition of 5000 to 8000 smaller images, most of them taken from the internet.

The cover of the Hulk magazine is made out of flower and landscape images; the jet fighter is made out of internet logos and buttons.


http://www.location1.org/images/soares_plane.jpg http://www.location1.org/images/soares_hulk.jpg

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