Artist, writer and curator, Yuki Okumura probes the concept of identity and what makes the human “mind” and “self” unique. More recently, his art practice has expanded the realm of body art through the creation of discrete and precious works constructed from fingernails and saliva. Clearly intended to provoke, they retain a “trace of self” and exploit the uneasy tension between animate and inanimate. Another focus of investigation for Yuki is the development of connections between the banality of every day life with quantum theories, supernova explosions and the sublime.

Born in Aomori and based today in Tokyo, Yuki graduated from Tama Art University and received an M.F.A at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music ( 2004). In 2000, he was awarded the Grand Prix, Philip Morris Asian Art Awards. In 2001, he participated in “First Steps: Emerging Artists from Japan”, at the Grey Art Gallery of New York University. Yuki also organizes exhibitions, and writes essays and reviews which present a critical perspective on his generation of artists.

Projects and Exhibitions at Location One:
Supersonic, interactive installation :: Residents’ Exhibition June 2006

Interview with Hitomi Iwasaki, Associate Curator, Queens Museum of Art.

Website ,includes links to other projects
Article in Imomus
Theroy of Everything

Yuki’s residency is supported by the Asian Cultural Council.